One can hardly talk about the Los Angeles Filipino-American jazz scene without mentioning Ner De Leon. A master musician, recording artist and independent record producer, he has been playing the saxophone since he was 8 years old and hails from a long line of musical pioneers in the Philippine music industry. An alumnus of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ner has developed a fresh new sound that reflects his eagerness to push boundaries and to make music that challenges the mind as it rewards the soul. One only has to listen to a few bars of the artist playing to be awed by the unique and rich timbre that enhances the overall musical experience of his followers. Ner has played in Las Vegas and several other U.S. cities and likewise, other countries as well. Being in such high demand, Ner has left his mark in both the U.S and the Philippine recording industries. Through his independent record label, NdL Entertainment, Ner has successfully released eight albums and shows no sign of slowing down. In spite of his extensive accomplishments, Ner takes pride in being a musician-evangelist playing and producing music that projects the message of love, hope and the peace of Jesus Christ who has the power to change all lives. 

Beechler Mouthpiece Artist Endorser